Two decades ago, Satamazone started off with mainly mobile phones export from the United States. Due to high demand in satellite communication equipment and services we have grown into one of the major satellite phone wholesalers in the Western hemisphere. We offer satellite phone models and internet hubs, tracking devices and services, IOT solutions, maritime equipment, and much more at very competitive voice and data rates and services. All these products are very robust and offer global coverage. We offer online platform access to easily reload airtime, set up geofences, tracking capabilities, and control other settings. Satamazone is proud to offer fast and reliable customer service. Our customers and distributors are located all over the world and our equipment and services are frequently used in critical or emergency situations, as well as the oil and gas, mining and fishing industry, but also simply for tourism and leisure in areas where other methods of communications are impossible to get. Contact us online and enjoy global communications and solutions at affordable cost.