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Satellite Phones are a vital communication device for various professionals and businesses. While most built up areas are suitably covered with mobile network antennas offering supreme coverage there are isolated parts of the world where an ordinary mobile phone is entirely ineffective. These remote areas might be isolated forests where forestry workers have to execute or perhaps professionals in the mining and structural engineering arenas that have to work on sites miles from the nearest telephone. It is vital that these individuals have some form of communication resource to allow them to complete the required work.

Satamazone has been in the satellite phone business for more than a decade. Our products have evolved over the years, and now cannot be missed, especially in isolated areas all over the world. There are other individuals who are required to utilize satellite phones since they work in tremendously dangerous settings. The security services, military, explorers and media all depend on the satellite phone as their lone tool of interaction with the outside world. The motives why they use satellite telephones of Satamazone on daily basis are quite different yet they all have one thing in common. All individuals using our satellite phones appreciate the benefit they get during an emergency or other times. Our phones are not a luxury; they are a complete requirement.

Satellite phones available at our site are IsatPhone 2, IsatPhone Pro-Disaster Prepared Kit, Iridium and Thuraya models, internet hubs and more. Satamazone complete broadband services deliver immediate voice and data, worldwide. When it comes to voice services, we provide essential voice messaging and calls for businesses functioning in remote regions all around the world. We offer airtime minutes at very competitive pricing as well, which can be easily purchased or reloaded on our website.

Create an account with us and buy any satellite phone as per your requirement. Have a safe journey!

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